Mika Fineo keikalla Irakissa

Mika Fineo, FILTER-yhtyeen rumpali ja floridalaisen Esa Hakalan tyttärenpoika on käynyt bändeineen jälleen Irakissa esiintymässä amerikkalaisille sotilaille. Tässä Esa Hakalan välittämä kirje Mikalta.

Bändi FILTER istumassa Yasser Arafatin Saddamille lahjoittamassa tuolissa

Hello everyone,
we wanted to share these stories and photos with all of our friends as they are now I available to view. As some of you know Filter just retumed ftom their 3rd trip to the
middle east in support of our armed forces. The tour was absolutely amazing.
We started the tour in Kuwait and then flew into northern Iraq working our way back
down into Kuwait. We played a total of four bases in Iraq and one base in Kuwait traveling via C 130 cargo planes. If you’ve never flown through Iraq before the landings
are a bit different than what you might expect. They basica1ly slam the plane out of the sky and land as quickly and violently as possible to avoid being shot at/down. If you’d like to know the feeling – we hit zero gravity at one of the free fall dives and we were – actually floatingin the cargo bay. A couple of our crew guys almost puked during one landing. From watching incoming mortars get shot out of the sky by laser guided R2D2 looking robots, to walking through the soccer field were Saddam beheaded the Iraqi
soccer team when they lost to America, this trip was one to remember. We a1so got a chance to stay at one of Saddam’s palaces in Baghdad in the room were Dan Rather interviewed him on CBS years back. In Balad we played at one of Saddam’s theaters where he would hold executions on the very stage we performed. Nice guy huh?

Saddamin metsästyspalatsi Baghdadissa
Saddamin metsästyspalatsi Baghdadissa

On a lighter note the trip could not have been more rewarding to see the troops let loose every night taking their minds off the day to day hustle and bustle. To our surprise these guys came to the shows and pulled off full on mosh pits, stage dives, the works (and itlooks a lot cooler when everyone is strapped With a machine gun). We had a chance to meet hundreds of troops a night after every show and they really made us feel beyond appreciated. Our armed forces have such amazing men and women that put forth their lives for us to have the freedom and luxuries we do here in America and it was an honor to be able to play for them. Again, this trip will be one to remember.

Feel free to browse through these photos and take what you will. I hope all of you are well and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

Mika Fineo – FILTER

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